Syringe Pump

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  • Infuse and retract capable syringe pump

  • Frame is made of lasercut parts and standard hardware

  • Small footprint (330 mm x 140 mm x 100 mm). Can be mounted vertically or set on surface

  • Cost ~ $200

  • Assembly time ~30 minutes

  • Linear resolution = 2.5 μm. Volume resolution with 60mL syringe is 1.4 μL

  • Can receive commands over UART using pyControl

  • Motor controller includes color display and joystick/buttons for manual control


The goal of this project is to provide an easy to assemble, open-source syringe pump that is significantly less expensive than commercial pumps, while maintaining a sufficient level of dispense resolution and repeatability.

This is not the only open-source syringe pump that exists. Here are some other projects you may be interested in: